Friday, October 5, 2012

Flying Stars 2013 | 5 Yellow or 五黄

The Great Bell Chant:

(May your heart be awakened by the Great Bell Chant. And may all living things transcend the path of sorrow and death.)

May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the Cosmos...Even in the darkest spots, living beings are able to hear it clearly so that all suffering in them cease. Understanding comes to their heart and they transcend the path of sorrow and death. The universal Dharma door is already open. The sound of the rising tide is heard clearly. The miracle happens; a beautiful child appears in the heart of a lotus flower. One single drop of this compassionate water is enough to bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains. Listening to the bell, I feel the afflictions in me begin to dissolve. My mind calms, my body relaxes.  A smile is born on my lips. Following the sound of the bell, my breath brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness. In the garden of my heart, the flowers of peace bloom beautifully.

Flying Stars for 2013 | Courtesy from

(Note: Flying Stars 8, 9 & 1 are the auspicious stars in Period 8 | 2004-2023)

Tai Shui : Tai Shui will move to the South-East sector in 2013
San Sha: San Sha will shift to East Sector in 2013
Sui Po: Sui Po will move to North West sector in 2013

1) Negative star ‘Five Yellow’ or ‘五黄廉貞土’ resides at central palace and illness star 2, 二黑巨门土, resides at South-West sector in year 2013.

Cures & Remedies: Minimize red/pink/violet/orange/yellow/brown/green colors at central & South-West Sectors of your house. Keep these sectors neat & quiet. Place a few metallic objects to drain away negativity. And minimize placing of electrical appliances at these sectors.

2) Negative Energy – Tai Shui resides at South-East Sector, San Sha or Three-Killings resides at East and Sui Po at North-West.

Avoid renovation works at these sectors in 2013. If renovation works need to be carried out, do not start renovating these sectors first. It’s also important to choose an auspicious day and hour to start the renovation works.

(Above Contributed by Feng Shui Master Dave Hum of )

Flying Stars Sequencing

The flying stars sequencing begins at the center palace. Observe the flow of the chart.
Center - North West - West - North East - South - North - South West - East - South East

Flying stars 2013 | Star 5 - Star 6 - Star 7 - Star 8 - Star 9 - Star 1 - Star 2 - Star 3 - Star 4
Flying Stars 2014 | Star 4 - Star 5 - Star 6 - Star 7 - Star 8 - Star 9 - Star 1 - Star 2 - Star 3
Flying Stars 2015 | Star 3 - Star 4 - Star 5 - Star 6 - Star 7 - Star 8 - Star 9 - Star 1 - Star 2

To simplify, use chart 2013 as reference and subtract one from the number at the existing palace every subsequent year and you'll get the yearly flying stars. Same apply to the monthly flying stars! Please take note that Flying Stars sequencing should never be reverse. Please see below for sample. There are reverse Flying Stars charts for 2013 that are circulating online. Please consult your Feng Shui Masters if unclear.

Reverse Sequence: 
(X) Flying Stars 2013 | Star 5 - Star 4 - Star 3 - Star 2 - Star 1 - Star 9 - Star 8 - Star 7 - Star 6

Feng Shui Audit | Sample Case Study | What to expect!

Audit Case Study 679 - Punggol EA (HDB)

Building constructed in Period 7
Building Facing 135 degree
Populate using Period 7 Chart for 135 degree range
Main Door facing: South Sector
Flying Star entering South: Flying Star 9
Subject: Weak Yang Fire Element (Male)

(The above is a sample case of an Feng Shui Audit without Remedies and Cures. By determining the building facing first follow by unit facing for high rise building. For landed, determine the property facing is sufficient.)

(Period 7 Chart based on 135 Degree Building Facing)


As you can tell from the above chart that the main door facing is located at South Sector or Fire Palace. The man door consists of Mountain Star 3 and Water Star 1. The main door welcomes Flying Star 9 in 2013.

Period 8 | Generic Analysis 

1) Mountain Star 3 + Water Star 1: Auspicious overall but kids will be physically more active.

2) Water Star 1 + Flying Star 9: Auspicious for wealth cause (合十) but some masters would argue that it works well for the Mountain Star 1 + Flying Star 9.

3) Mountain Star 3 + Flying Star 9: Auspicious & good for fame & academic (木火通明). Whether Water Star or Mountain Star works better with flying Stars are subjective and dependent on the methodology of that particular institution.

The main door brings auspicious energy for the weak yang fire individual who lacks Fire element in his Bazi. However, Flying Star 5 at the center palace will still generate impact across the 8 surrounding sectors. Hence, remedies are required to drain the negative energy of Flying Star 5.

But the building facing is inauspicious and flying Star 4 will agitate Water Star 5 at South East Sector. Flying Star 5 at the center will also reinforce the Water Star 5 at South-East sector, boosting the negative energy. Therefore, placement of cures are critical to reduce the impact.

The building backend or North West sector is also not auspicious. Water Star 7 & Flying Star 6 formed an desirable pair that can cause significant impact to the career bringing potential disputes and legal implication. (9+7) has the potential to cause minor fire hazard but depends on when Monthly Flying Star 2 enter that palace.

Please remember that Mountain Stars govern Physical Health of the family members residing in the house. While Water Stars deal with the Wealth Luck.

Useful Feng Shui Tips

  1. Interior: Toilet or rest room located in the center of your house is very inauspicious. Use your floor plan provided as reference. The energy at the center palace has a greater impact on the eight sectors surrounding it. 
  2. Exterior: Main door or window should not face any overhead bridge directly. If you are staying on upper floor then it should be fine.  
  3. Exterior: Avoid houses that are too near to religious buildings, government buildings, fire stations, police stations etc. A diameter of more than 10 meters should be fine. These structures tends to absorb auspicious energy within a certain diameter. Thus, draining the auspicious energy, if any, from your house.  
  4. Exterior: Avoid landed property or HDB whereby the main door of the house is facing road or car park that brings head on traffic especially at night when the headlight of vehicles shine right onto your door or through your window. 
  5. Exterior: Avoid houses that are sandwiched by tall structures besides or at the front & back of the house. Many public housing failed this aspect
  6. Interior: The stove should never face the toilet directly, a big taboo in Feng Shui.
  7. Interior: Avoid sleeping in a position or bed position whereby your head is resting directly against the window. Accumulation of energy is compromised and affecting your rest. 
  8. Interior: Mirror directly facing your bed or you, while sleeping, is also a big taboo in Feng Shui. There are many sayings but our institution regards mirror as an object that attracts ener ingy from the opposite direction. 
  9. Exterior: Always keep the exterior of your main door clean and neat to prevent agitating the auspicious or inauspicious stars. Avoid any obstruction or shoe cabinet outside.
  10. Exterior: Reservoir & pond are consider "Still Water" not "Moving Water". Hence, still water can cure Star 6 & 7. "Moving Water" activate the Water Star. Hence, know your Feng Shui Chart before making any decision to purchase house facing reservoir and pond. River and canal are sometime considered as "Moving Water".  
  11. Exterior: HDB housing with garbage facility located directly at the front and center position of the block with lift lobby behind it has the potential to generate inauspicious energy as the building facing is already inauspicious. If all unit doors of the block are front facing the back of the garbage facility then the unit door facing will be compromised.  
  12. Exterior: Building, house, shops etc. located at T-junction with head-on traffic is very inauspicious and a taboo in feng shui.
  13. Exterior: All exterior sharp corners, edges & objects are considered "Fire" element by our institution. Hence, any of these sharp objects pointing to your main door or window has to be cured if "Fire" element is not required.
  14. Interior: Stove favor "fire gate" and works well with star 1, 3, 4, 8 & 9. Worst case scenario if the stove pair with Star 2 or Star 5. 
  15. Interior: Bed position should not directly face the room door. However, if you need to use that sector then use a curtain in between the door and your bed to minimize impact.
  16. Interior: Bomb shelter is regardless as a "Ying" area as sunlight is unable to reach in most case. Therefore, try to leave it open during the day.