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The Great Bell Chant:

(May your heart be awakened by the Great Bell Chant. And may all living things transcend the path of sorrow and death.)

May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the Cosmos...Even in the darkest spots, living beings are able to hear it clearly so that all suffering in them cease. Understanding comes to their heart and they transcend the path of sorrow and death. The universal Dharma door is already open. The sound of the rising tide is heard clearly. The miracle happens; a beautiful child appears in the heart of a lotus flower. One single drop of this compassionate water is enough to bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains. Listening to the bell, I feel the afflictions in me begin to dissolve. My mind calms, my body relaxes.  A smile is born on my lips. Following the sound of the bell, my breath brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness. In the garden of my heart, the flowers of peace bloom beautifully.

Flying Stars 2013 | Feng Shui Audit Process | Q&A

1) Compass Reading | HDB | Terrace Houses | Condo.

 Measuring compass degree of your HDB flats & Condominiums is probably one of the most tedious process unlike Terrace and Semi-detached houses. This is due to the irregular structure of the building and unit thus, making it challenging to establish a parallel position when taking direction and compass degree. Therefore, measurement must be taken on all 4 directions of the building (regardless whether it is rectangular, squarish or circular shape) to minimize discrepancy and narrow down the variation in order to establish a more accurate degree facing of your building. Thereafter, proceed to your house or unit for measurement. 

Sample: Measurement of the building taken for Unit 1 

Generally, there are many interference within a household such as mobile signal, Wifi, electronic appliances, metallic objects etc. that will affect the compass reading. You can conduct the compass reading experiment by taking the direction and degree at your main door. Thereafter, move back 8-10 steps and compare the readings and variations. Hence, internal compass reading is used to reinforce the external reading.    

2) Plotting the Flying Stars Chart on your floor plan based on the compass degree

After confirmation on your building and unit degree facing, locate the Feng Shui Period of the house. If the building is constructed after 2004, it belongs to Period 8 segment. Based on the confirmed degree facing, e.g. 225 degree, locate the Period 8 chart based on this degree. 

Sample: Illustration chart only - Period 8 at 225 degree (not actual chart)

Thereafter, establish the center point of your floor plan and then use a compass ruler to plot out the 8 directions. Insert the flying stars of Period 8 based on 225 degree above onto the floor plan.    

Sample: Illustration Only - Audited Floor Plan (not the actual chart)

3) Plotting the flying stars chart onto your master bed room and guest rooms

The last step is to plot out the flying stars for the individual rooms based on the established chart above.

Sample: Illustration only - Bed Room Chart

4) Understanding the Flying Star Chart and arriving at cures and remedies

After plotting out a complete chart, it is time to analyze the individual sectors of the chart based on the flying stars combination and effects on each of the sector.

Priority Level on Sectors - Evaluate the individual sector based on the priority below

1) Flying Stars at the Main Building Facing sector
2) Flying Stars at the Main door sector 
3) Flying Stars at the Center sector
4) Flying Stars at the Kitchen or Stove sector
5) Flying Stars at the Room door Sector

(Note that the above priorities can be in between of 2 sectors)

Thereafter, understand the stars combination and the Feng Shui effects. Remedies and cures are meant to reinforce the good sector or drain or minimize the inauspicious energy away from the bad sector.

Note: The above information is for your understanding on how an audit process take place. It is insufficient for you to conduct your own audit unless you have the necessary information. Always rely on your personal exposure, experiences and intuition on the energy level and energy flow resulted from the remedies. Based on your and your family members experiences, you will be able to decide on the effectiveness of the remedies in creating an harmonious ambience for you or your family.

5) Xuan Kong Feng Shui versus Common sense

a) Firstly, please don't blindly believe in Feng Shui. Find out more on Google before deciding.

b) Secondly, understand the different type of Feng Shui & institutions that you hope to engage in.

c) Thirdly, don't ever mystify Xuan Kong Feng Shui with Spiritual Feng Shui, if there is any.

d) Fourthly, be logical and rational in setting your Feng Shui ROI. Feng Shui wouldn't turn you into a millionaire for sure. And I believe that NO Feng Shui Masters would dare to gurantee you on this or on any specific monetary returns unless he/she saw it on your Bazi or Zewei.

e) Many Practitioners, including me, believe that  命,运 & 风水 are all interdependent.And its degree of impact on an indivisual is highly subjective & debatable.  

f) Only you are able to experience whether the auspicious or harmonious energy level of your premises has improved after an audit. Nobody else can verify the effects other than yourself and your family members. 

g) Lastly, please manage your expectation!!! Don't expect Feng Shui to do miracle.... 

6) Audit Process & Charges

 If you require my assistance on auditing your premises, you can reach me at to arrange for an appointment. 

Flying Stars 2013 Forecast

There are many negative predictions on the web on Flying Star 5 moving back to the center palace. As flying star 5 is classified as an unlucky or disastrous star, it will be reinforce by its own element at the center palace, Palace 5 or center palace, that might bring along negativity. But please take note that it happens once every 9 years so don't be too alarm by it.

But flying star 5 does affect the energy within your home. Position at the center palace of your home, it will inflict negativity to the 8 directions on the compass. That will be further boost by Mountain Star 5 or Water Star 5, if either one or both also reside at the center palace. (Remember that Mountain Star govern health and Water Star control wealth). Hence, worst case scenario will be the combination Mountain Star 5 or 2 + Water Star 5 or 2 + Flying Star 5 or 2 at center palace. And if an individual is going through a bad luck cycle, imagine the accumulation of so much inauspicious energy will do to the person or family!!! Furthermore, if your restroom or toilet is located at the Center Palace within your premise and on your audited chart, it will be very inauspicious even without star 5. A big Taboo in Feng Shui for restroom or toilet to be located at the center of the house. It is better to be aware the basic Feng Shui principles before buying, renting or renovating your house.

Taboos in Xuan Kong Feng Shui 2013

Taboos 2013 | Flying Star 5 

1) Absolutely no water feature, fish tank or any form of running water at the center of your house, using the floor plan to determine your center sector. Please take note that all the above items will strengthen flying star 5. And if either of the Water or Mountain Star is 2 or 5 or both are present at the center sector then the consequences might be even more severe. The impact might reveal itself on Feb. 4 to March 5 as Monthly Star 2 move to center sector. Yearly flying Star 5 + Monthly flying star very cautious! And if your toilet or restroom is located at the center of your house, please keep the door close at all time.

Taboos 2013 | Flying Star 2 

2) The above taboo apply to the South-West sector, which Flying Star 2 resides. Take note that Flying Star 5 affects the surrounding sectors and the impact of South-West sector will be magnify by Star 2 + Star 5, the worst combination for health and wealth. These effects will be more obvious if your main door is located at South-West sector. But only an accredited Feng Shui Master will be able to accurately map out your main door position. But if you can locate the center palace based on your floor plan then you can use a compass to measure your main door facing at the center palace. This is one of the method you can engage in DIY Feng Shui but subject to variation. Please keep the South-West sector clean and neat to avoid agitating flying star 2. No plants outside your main door if it is facing South-West and keep door closed at all time. And absolutely no red, pink, purple, yellow and brown color decoration at the main door. If your kids are sleeping in the room that falls on the South-West sector and if there is a window, please keep it close most of the time. Your kids might be feeling the negative energy Star 2 by now.   

Taboos 2013 | Toilet at the center of your house 

3) It is going to be very tricky managing this combination. As you know that Flying Star 5 move to the center palace and it is greeted by your restroom. Any cure or remedy is only temporary and it is not auspicious in the long-term so better to consider relocating.

Taboos 2013 | Main Door & Corridor Area | Plants & Shoes

4) Always keep your main door area, including exterior, clean and neat. Shoes and slippers will mess out the energy of that sector and agitate the auspicious & inauspicious stars. Plants is consider wood element and it agitate earth element stars such as inauspicious star 2, 5 & auspicious star 8. Plants will also drain away the positive energy of water star 1. Hence, know your house feng shui chart before placing any plants outside your main door.

Taboos 2013 | Stove facing Toilet

5) It is a big taboo to locate the stove directly facing the toilet in most Feng Shui! If your stove was to face the restroom, the accumulation of inauspicious energy will affect both health & wealth. This analysis are adopted by many Feng Shui Masters. The present of Star 2 or 5 will worsen the situation.

Monthly Flying Stars and Remedies
As indicated above, Yearly Flying Star 5 enter the center palace, affecting the 8 directions. Below are the Monthly Flying stars combined with Yearly Flying Star 5 at center palace. Please note that the cure is based solely on Flying stars and did not take into account Water & Mountain Stars into consideration.

Feb. 4 - March 5, 2013

Flying Star 5 + Monthly Star 2
Cure: Place white color carpet or metallic items to drain away earth energy of Star 2 & Star 5. No red, orange, pink, purple, yellow or brown color at this section as it'll boost 2 & 5.

March 6 - April 4

Flyng Star 5 + Monthly star 1
Cure: Metal cup fill with water to boost star 1. Must replace water every 2-3 days. No red, orange, pink, purple, yellow or brown color at this section as it'll boost 2 & 5.

April 5 - May 5

5 + 9
Cure: More metalic item to drain star 5. No red, orange, pink, purple, yellow or brown color at this section.

May 6 - June 5

5 + 8
Cure: White color carpet with metal items beneath it. No red, pink and purple.

June 6 - July 6

5 + 7
Cure: A white color carpet and a metal cup filled with water. Must replace the water every 2-3 days.

July 7 - August 7

5 + 6

Cure: A white color carpet and a metal cup filled with water. Must replace the water every 2-3 days.

Aug. 8 - September 7

5 + 5
Cure: Install a white light bulb at this sector and turn it on 24 hours or simple place more metallic objects at this section. No red, orange, pink, purple, yellow or brown color at this section.

Sept. 8 - Oct. 7

5 + 4
Cure: Metal cup with water. No red, orange, pink, purple, yellow or brown color at this section.

Oct. 8 - Nov. 6

5 + 3

Cure: Metal cup with water. No red, orange, pink, purple, yellow or brown color at this section.

Nov. 7 + Dec. 6

5 + 2

Cure: Place a white light bulb at this section and turn it on 24 hours or simple place more metallic objects at this section. No red, orange, pink, purple, yellow or brown color at this section.

Dec. 7 + Jan. 5

5 + 1

Cure: Metal cup fill with water to boost star 1. Must replace water every 2-3 days. No red, orange, pink, purple, yellow or brown color at this section.

Jan. 6 - Feb. 3

5 + 9

Cure: Metallic items or objects to drain star 5. No red, orange, pink, purple, yellow or brown color at this section.

Mountian and Water Stars 

Star 6 & Star 7

Star 6 & Star 7 combined will lead to many disputes and legal implications in career and personal life. If both Star 6 & 7 is located at the main door, center of your house or your bed room, place a cup, glass cup preferred without any color, of water to cure Star 6 & 7. But please change it every 3 days to replace it with clean water.

Star 1 & Star 4

Although Star 4 is too far away from Period 8 and is generally considered energyless... But combined with Star 1, the pair can enhance your career luck and bought about promotion opportunities. The pair will also enhance your intellectual and academic performance in your career and personal life.

Basic Knowledge of Feng Shui

  1. Interior: Toilet or rest room cannot be located in the center of your house. Use your floor plan provided as reference. The energy at the center palace has a greater impact on the eight sectors surrounding it. 
  2. Exterior: Main door or window should not face any overhead bridge directly. If you are staying on upper floor then it should be fine.  
  3. Exterior: Avoid houses that are too near to religious buildings, government buildings, fire stations, police stations etc. A diameter of more than 10 meters should be fine. These structures tends to absorb auspicious energy within a certain diameter. Thus, draining the auspicious energy, if any, from your house.  
  4. Exterior: Avoid landed property or HDB whereby the main door of the house is facing road or car park that brings head on traffic especially at night when the headlight of vehicles shine right onto your door or through your window. 
  5. Exterior: Avoid houses that are sandwiched by tall structures besides or at the front & back of the house. Many public housing failed this aspect
  6. Interior: The stove should never face the toilet directly, a big taboo in Feng Shui.
  7. Interior: Avoid sleeping in a position or bed position whereby your head is resting directly against the window. Accumulation of energy is compromised and affecting your rest. 
  8. Interior: Mirror directly facing your bed or you, while sleeping, is also a big taboo in Feng Shui. There are many sayings but our institution regards mirror as an object that attracts ener ingy from the opposite direction. 
  9. Exterior: Always keep the exterior of your main door clean and neat to prevent agitating the auspicious or inauspicious stars. Avoid any obstruction or shoe cabinet outside.
  10. Exterior: Reservoir & pond are consider "Still Water" not "Moving Water". Hence, still water can cure Star 6 & 7. "Moving Water" activate the Water Star. Hence, know your Feng Shui Chart before making any decision to purchase house facing reservoir and pond. River and canal are sometime considered as "Moving Water".  
  11. Exterior: HDB housing with garbage facility located directly at the front and center position of the block with lift lobby behind it has the potential to generate inauspicious energy as the building facing is already inauspicious. If all unit doors of the block are front facing the back of the garbage facility then the unit door facing will be compromised.  
  12. Exterior: Building, house, shops etc. located at T-junction with head-on traffic is very inauspicious and a taboo in feng shui.
  13. Exterior: All exterior sharp corners, edges & objects are considered "Fire" element by our institution. Hence, any of these sharp objects pointing to your main door or window has to be cured if "Fire" element is not required.
  14. Interior: Stove favor "fire gate" and works well with star 1, 3, 4, 8 & 9. Worst case scenario if the stove pair with Star 2 or Star 5. 
  15. Interior: Bed position should not directly face the room door. However, if you need to use that sector then use a curtain in between the door and your bed to minimize impact.
  16. Interior: Bomb shelter is regardless as a "Ying" area as sunlight is unable to reach in most case.     


  1. I really in need some help regards the CENTER of the house taboo....which is toilet. My previous house wh8ch when I started plotting the center point the intersect met in the toioet and this is rather clear. But now my present house, when I start plotting, the intersect point is along my walk way to my rooms but besides the intersect point, there's toilets ard it. So in this case when we wanna see if our center of our house has hit the toilet, do we just take the tiny point of the intersect point or do we take the whole grid. Since when I pkotting my annual flyibg star, I will section them out into 9 grid cube. Really appreciate if you can help.

  2. Hi there,

    Theoretically, the Ba Gua or the 8 directions on the compass and the center sector will occupy 1/9 of your floor plan each. But our institution does not encourage the use of the grid cube format as that is only use to plot the flying stars and not used on the floor plan. It is more accurate to use a transparent compass ruler to determine each sector accurately.

    If you are very sure of your building & house facing then the next step is to determine the mountain and water star at the center sector. If the combination is auspicious then try to activate it further and keep the toilet door closed and minimize the usage of that toilet. If it is inauspicious then I would stop using that toilet....and place more remedies to neturalize the negative energy. The center sector affect all the 8 directions in Xuan Kong Feng Shui.

    However, certain people are not sensitive to feng shui and the degree of impact to them is insignificant. Those individuals that have the "Sun" as their main palace star in Ziwei Dou Shu or太阳坐命宫 is one category. But it does not mean the family members are immune to it...

    I hope the information addresses your doubt. Btw, you can try to use this year as a comparison as Star 5 is at the center palace.



  3. Yes you can but, what kind of help do you need from me? Could you be specific?

    Just to let you know that one of the most challenging aspect on Feng Shui is taking the compass reading of the building facing follow by the house facing. Inaccurate reading might result in a different chart. Hence, do you have your house facing? Was it audited by yourself or an accredited master?

    Secondly, determining the Period of the house is also critical in Xuan Kong Feng Shui. Major renovation will also upgrade the flying star chart of your house. So are you the first owner of the house? When was the house renovated? Do you know the period of your house?

    Thirdly, if both the above requirements are met then the plotting of the flying stars is possible. But some institutions used the reverse sequencing that is different from our institution. So what are the flying stars methodology & the institution you engaged in?

    Let me know as mush as possible so I can advice you accordingly.